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 Installation of Sealing packing (stuffing box packing) 

.Choose suitable packing style 
     Some factors will affect the choice of packing as follow: 
     a.       Style of equipment--------pump, valve, stirrer and so on 
     b.      Condition of equipment-------new and old status, the gap between shaft  
            and stuffing, the shaft running true centred or eccentric
     c.       The physical characteristics of medium-------gas medium, liquid medium, 
            abrasive medium, sticky medium etc
     d.      The chemical characteristics of medium------acidic medium, caustic 
            medium etc
     e.       The temperature of medium------consider the frictional heat between the 
            turning shaft and the packing, the factor of heat-transmitting properties etc
     f.    The pressure of medium
.Confirm exact packing cross section
.Calculating the exact length of packing ring
.Cut the packing ring exactly
           Usually  use  4cut
.Inserting the packing ring into the stuffing box as graph as follows:
. Press the packing ring group out, adjust the leakage capacity up to the 
      acceptable level.

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